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Recorded talks

Recorded Talks

"An introduction to 2-dimensional adelic geometry"
Unifying Themes In Geometry,
Lake Como School of Advanced Studies,

27 - 30 September 2021





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  • Diophantine approximation over the real line  PDF
    A very brief review of some basic results from Diophantine analysis (2023).


  • A concise introduction to cryptography  PDF
    These are some basic notes on cryptography. Some elementary knowledge of Turing machines is required. (2013)


  • The Kernighan-Lin algorithm  PDF
    Description, asymptotic analysis and Python implementation of the Kernighan-Lin algorithm for graph partitioning. (2014)


  • Alcuni algoritmi per la ricerca di comunita' su grafi. (Italian)  PDF
    These are some slides of an introductory seminar I gave about the problem of graph clustering. (2015) 


  • Rappresentazioni di gruppi finiti e teoria dei caratteri. (Italian)  PDF
    Introduction to representation theory of finite groups. (2012) 


  • Connessioni su varieta' lisce. (Italian)  PDF 
    Introduction to the theory of connections for smooth manifolds. (2013) 


Blanchita (2023)

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