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Some of my recent research interests include:

  • Diophantine approximation and its generalisation to adelic curves

  • Arakelov geometry

  • Unlikely intersections

List of publications and preprints* (newest to oldest)**

(with F. Tropeano) Finite translation orbits on double families of abelian varieties
Submitted Preprint.  PDF (update 05/24)


[8] A note on some Diophantine inequalities over adelic curves
Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux (To appear).  PDF (update 08/23)

​[7] (with P. Mercuri) Intersection matrices for the minimal regular model of  X0(N) and applications to the Arakelov canonical sheaf 
Journal of the London Mathematical Society (To appear) PDF (update 05/24)

[6] (with F. Zucconi) On the generalisation of Roth's theorem

Kyoto Journal of Mathematics (To appear). PDF (update 05/23) 

[5] (with R. Gualdi) Numerical equivalence of R-divisors and Shioda-Tate formula for arithmetic varieties
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle), 784 (2022), pp. 131--154. PDF (update 11/22)


[4] Explicit Deligne pairing
European Journal of Mathematics, 8, Suppl. 1 (2022), pp. 101--129 . (Journal)

[3] (with W. Czerniawska) Adelic geometry on arithmetic surfaces II: completed adeles and idelic Arakelov intersection theory
Journal of Number Theory,  211 (2020),  pp. 235--296. PDF (update 08/21 with a list of notes and errata)


[2] Adelic geometry on arithmetic surfaces I: idelic and adelic interpretation of the Deligne pairing
Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, 62, 2 (2022),  pp. 433--470. PDF


​[1] Fields of definition and Belyi type theorems for curves and surfaces
New York Journal of Mathematics, 22 (2016), pp. 823--851. (Journal)


Remarks. [1] is the outcome of my Master Thesis at the University of Udine. [2] and [3] are the outcome of my PhD thesis at the University of Nottingham.

*This page contains the most updated versions of the papers, so they may  slightly  vary from the published ones. In most cases the changes involve  typos and misprints, nevertheless when changes are more meaningful a list of errata is provided.  On  arXiv my papers are not being updated.  

**The chronological order doesn't take in account the publication date (when available), but the upload date on arXiv.

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